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Staff and Students

Research Director

Prof. Arnaud Malan    

Professor in Mechanical Engineering

SARChI Research Chair in Industrial Computational Fluid Dynamics

Publication Record 




Dr. Leon Malan     

Principal Scientific Officer
Incompressible two-phase flow with phase change


Shane Ferguson     

Financial Administrator


Prof. Tunde Bello-Ochende      

Professor in Mechanical Engineering
Thermodynamics, renewable & complex energy systems


Dr. Malebogo Ngoepe      

Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
Computational Biomechanics



Honorary Staff    

Prof. Jan Nordström      

Honorary Professor in Computational Mathematics
Curriculum Vitae


Prof. Roland W Lewis      

Honorary Professor in Multi-Physics Computational Mechanics
Curriculum Vitae


Post Docs    

Dr Bevan Jones    

PhD - An Algebraic Volume of Fluid Method for Strongly Coupled Spacecraft Fuel Slosh Modelling

MSc - Mesh adaptation through r-refinement using a truss network analogy  

Dr Niran Ilangakoon    

PhD - A Higher-order VOF Interface Reconstruction Scheme for Non-orthogonal Structured Grids with Application to Surface Tension Modelling

MSc - A higher-order accurate surface tension modelling volume-of-fluid scheme for 2D curvilinear meshes



PhD Students    

Roy Horwitz

PhD - Nonlinear aeroelasticity modelling - full and reduced order models

MSc - Nonlinear aeroelasticity modelling - full and reduced order models


Yusufali Oomar    

PhD - Two-phase Weakly Compressible Flow with Phase Change

MSc - Two-Phase Compressible Flow with Surface Tension


Prince Nchupang   

PhD - High order finite difference methods for incompressible flow.

MSc - Stable and high order accurate finite difference method for the incompressible laminar boundary layer equations


Javon Farao    

MSc - Toward a full aircraft model platform for fuel slosh-structure interaction simulations



Masters Students


Michael Wright    

Non-linear Pressure Distribution Reduced Order Model for Violent Wing Tank Slosh



Alaa Mohammed Ali    

Using Finite Element Method to model Mesh Deformation


Elrich Botha     

Numerical Modelling of Reduced Order Models to Enable Slosh Load Calculations




Darrian J.P. Marais    

Numerical coupling of Fluid-Structure Interactions (FSI) for the Ariane 6 upper stage